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Bug Screens for Your Car / Adventure Vehicle – DIY

August 8, 2019
Bug Screens for Your Car / Adventure Vehicle – DIY

In this video I describe how to create bugs screens for my Honda element. You can also use this for the back hatch as well as any window areas you need screened off- for any vehicle for that matter.. Enjoy!

Materials for this project

-Gorilla Tape –

-Scotch Fasteners, Black (3MVelcro) –

– 48 in. x 25 ft. BetterVue Screen (Bug Screen Roll) –


-Cut bug screen to fit area loosely ( you can trim later to precision) -You can get a piece of duck tape to loosely hold in place while you place the anchor points

-Place gorilla tape onto the metal of the car where you would like the latch point

-Sandwich the screen between two pieces of gorilla tape using the piece on the car as a guide for where it will line up once it is ready to be finalized.

-Place scratchy side of 3M Velcro on the gorilla tape which is mounted to the car

-Mate the soft side of the 3M Velcro to its scratchy side leaving the glue exposed

-Align the Velcro with the screen (sandwiched in the gorilla tape) and press the sticky glue to the screen gorilla tape You should be finished now. Press everything together to where it securely bonds

– Repeat for as many latch points as needed

Viola! Bug screens!

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