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  • We travel to see the wonder and beauty around us...

Improvised Journeys exists to meld creating and playing improvisational music with the full-time travel life.

This is a journey across America to play piano for as many people in as many different settings as possible. Busking on the streets of Boulder, CO our home, to all up and down the West Coast–and someday far beyond. It is a journey not just of music, but of creative spirit, a pursuit of a life lived in line with a passion. We will blog, vlog, and create YouTube videos, bringing a creative and inspired vision to life through this, one that will grow to become a vision that can influence the world.

Nathaniel is a musician and composer inspired by his love for nature. He creates YouTube videos of these “improvisations,” at home and made up on the spot in the various wild places we visit. You can check these out on the Piano Improvisations tab.

Improvised Journeys is also about ways to get out and stay out on the road, how anyone can develop mobile/remote income, how work and life can be transformed through intention, and how to set your life down a path of exploration.

Improvised Journeys will also feature content on:

-Deals/discounts and strategies to live a travel life on a budget
-Opportunities for remote work

-Traveling to new cities to find the best hiking and biking

-Bike and trail run footage from the best trails in America – including some full walk-throughs!

Life is about beauty, joy, and discovery!

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