Mobile Income

The Ultimate Setup Guide to AirBNB Hosting

Fluffy towels, excellent wifi, and a great cup of coffee are just the beginning to setting the bar for what a great airbnb stay really has to offer.  These days airbnb is about an experience rather than just a place to get through the…

November 30, 2019
Travel Advice

Road Trip Essentials for Long Car Trips

So you want to go on a trip this summer and spend some nights in your car while traveling? Maybe you’re even considering skipping a whole month’s rent and taking it on the road in your less than RV/van status vehicle. Well, we have…

June 13, 2018
Music in Nature

How I record music in nature – a cost effective set-up

On this channel I perform my piano improvisations at many beautiful locations throughout the magnificent American West. If you’re not already, follow our journey on YouTube! Like almost everything we do here at Improvised Journeys, making these videos is done on a tight budget.…

May 29, 2018
Travel Advice

Where to get a shower on the road!

  After years of travel, our favorite thing to do after a long day is not to sleep—but to shower! So, how can you do this when you are away from “home.” Here are some solutions we have found, and used many times over!…

February 2, 2018